Jordan in Rio

Friday, September 2, 2011

Letters in August-Encantado

I am going to compile the news from Jordans last letters, they are all shorter and not too news worthy-but he did sent some new photos...

Hey this week we had transfers and things were crazy. We now have six elders living in our apartment and it is crowded. For example we have suitcases on floor because there is no room anywhere else. Our zone is really cool because we have 9 Americans and 1 Brazilian and that never happens-the Americans are the minority missionaries. We are all loving it though. In our apartment I am the only "regular" missonary. We have 2 zone leaders and a trainer and new missonary/trainee and 1 district leader-(my comp)and me. There isn't a whole lot to write about at the moment so I will send picutures.

Today is another crazy day-I have computer time and then we are going to make American Hamburgers and french fries and onion rings and then we are going to play soccer and order a 70 cm pizza and then go back to our area and have a family night. It will be fun. This was a good week after much work we got to see some fruits of our labor-we are supposed to have a baptism this week. We also had a great talk with a Baptism preacher who was way nice. He had some questions for us and we got to teach him some and I got to learn more about how their church works and some differences in doctrine. It was way cool and they have a great church.

Remember I love hearing from you all!!