Jordan in Rio

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 23, 2012

This week was crazy. we had a baptism this week and the capella (font?) ran out of water by the time the water got to my knee level, so we had a baptism on our knees and it was an unforgetable experience! We also just had a good week, we marked some family nights.

The only thing I am missing now is food, because I haven't eaten much of anything today, because today was just crazy. We started by going to the stadium of my team I cheer for aka Vasco, and we had fun there and took some pictures. We went to Ramos a town, and played soccer with the kids on the street who do nothing but play soccer. We only had one good Brazilian on our team as well, but we beat them 15 to 14 and they got realy mad that they lost to some gringos. The best part was that the last goal was scored by me from the half court. it looked sweet and was kind of a big "in your face" for them all, ha ha ha. but that was about all we did today. but my comp and I really need to go and eat because we haven't all day. We just ate a salgado, which is the size of a mexican taco... but nothing alike, and tryed to drink alot. but didnt get enouth for the 100 deg heat. transfers are next week so I'll know whats happoning next email. Our ward said that they would marry us if we get stuck again for another transfer in the same ward, but its posible that I'll stay, cuz my comp already has 9 months in this area. That's about it for this week.

Elder Peterson

January 16, 2012

This week was good, we have been getting blessed in our work and we had a baptism this week and marked another for next week. We have been teaching a lot more then usual, we had 6 family nights last week and things just went very good, but other then that not a whole lot has happened.

The weather at the moment is always as humid as can be, and at night it is anywhere between 85 and 92 when sleeping. Today I went shopping with a missionary who is going home in 2 weeks and we got some stuff together and he had a swell time.

Not too many new things are going on, we moved our focus area and are having a lot more success. It is realy weird, it is so hot that most people in the favellas just walk around in their underwear, and there is / was a lot of pregnant girls who walk around like that as well, and it is pretty nasty. I think that is about it, just sleep, eat, study, walk, and work!

Elder Peterson

January 9, 2012

Well the holidays were not very cool for a missionary, we just stayed on the road all day, and talked to last minute shoppers who were still on the road. New Years was worse because the biggest New Year party in the world is in Rio and it wasn't in my aria... so by 7 there was not 1 car driving in the street and nobody was on the road, this week was much better... we started off slow and then my comp got sick and had to stay home so we sent the bishop and the ward mission leader to go and teach and they did swell with the lesson they taught.

We should be having a baptism next week and I am sooooooo happy for Marcia- she loves the church and the Book of Mormon and knows its true and the members have been helping a lot to teach and help us with her, so that should be very good for us and the ward. We also have been marking (scheduling?) many family nights in our area and this has been helping the work a lot. We give people the invite to work and bring new people plus we bring our investigators and together we just have a big fun time and get a lot more teaching in, sometimes we get enough appointments marked that my comp and I go on divisions and we are both teaching at the same time! Not a whole lot more has been going on then that. just lots of work.
Elder Peterson

Friday, December 30, 2011

picking Mangos

Dec 26, 2011

We had a tough week work wise-because of the holidays. Many people were not home. This week it was super hot, about 110 and then it started raining last night.
My birthday (Christmas)was wonderful and I got one of the best presents in the world...Being able to see and talk to my family! It was such a wonderful present. Today I told my companion that we were going to somewhere very nice to eat because we both save a lot of money here on mission and I wanted to eat something good for my birthday meal. We went to a Brazilian BBQ and ate LOTS of good meat. It was the best mean I have had in months. It was soooooo good it was worth every cent-yummmm.

Christmas was interesting yesterday, we went to different houses and got to see how different families celebrated Christmas. One family we visited didn't know what to do for Christmas because they used to be Jehova Whitness and so we showed them some things they could do to celebrate the Christmas spirit. They did that and thought it was cool. The mom in that family was our only investigator at church yesterday and she loved how we talked about Christ and families on Christmas.

I hope all is well and that you have a Happy New Year as well-I brought my camera but forgot the cord so maybe next week for pictures.

Dec 19

So I am still enchanted with the same companion and the same house. Last week we named the house the hole. It's not dumpy it is just like a black hole and it sucks everything in. I decided to keep sane by following Dads example and always doing something when I am home. So now in our house whenever I have an hour or so of free time I clean something. That is the best way I can manage my time and stay the happiest, it also helps me understand why dad is always wanting to work. Ha ha. My life has had a huge theme on doing things and acting on things ever since David Bednar came here and spoke to us.
Yesterday the bishop of our ward talked to the people about being idle, and he also told them if they wanted a better year that they would have to change something they were doing or fix it. It was a wonderful talk for me and I felt like it was an answer to some of my prayers.
We have also been having crazy weather;one minute it is 100 degrees and the next the humidity it starts raining and the humidity is so high it feels like you are swimming in the air because it is so thick. I should have some pictures of the rain to send when I bring my camera and cable.

Dec 5-12 letters

This week we had one of the biggest and most dangerous rivalry games in the world in my area at the soccer stadium. The team Flamingo was against Vasco my team here in Brazil. All of Brazil was watching it-they tied and I think that they tied on purpose so that less people would die after the game and the busses wouldn't get put on fire!
I am learning a lot of things and one of the main things I am learningis how real life learning works;it is different then school learning. I have discovered that you have to just do something about whatever your current problem is and the Lord will help you through it, after you make it through that you become a stronger person. At the same time it is much more complicated then comparing it to a muscle-which just works one way;you can't just help yourself, you also have to help others. My invite for everybody would be to help somebody else with something, if you do you will both be blessed.

I now have over 6 months here, transfers are next week and I will still be here with the same companion-it is my guess maybe another 3 months.

I will share some of what I have been studying about recently-I have been studying about laziness and really laziness is one of the worst things we can do in life, because we really have such a little amount of time and so many things to learn and do. When we are lazy it takes away our choice and literally dams us like a river so that we cannot progress anymore. When I study I can go many directions by thinking about different questions. I hope that when you study the scriptures you also look for answers. I have found that when I have questions and start studying I sometimes have more questions that come up before I get the answers but this is a good thing.