Jordan in Rio

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 16, 2012

This week was good, we have been getting blessed in our work and we had a baptism this week and marked another for next week. We have been teaching a lot more then usual, we had 6 family nights last week and things just went very good, but other then that not a whole lot has happened.

The weather at the moment is always as humid as can be, and at night it is anywhere between 85 and 92 when sleeping. Today I went shopping with a missionary who is going home in 2 weeks and we got some stuff together and he had a swell time.

Not too many new things are going on, we moved our focus area and are having a lot more success. It is realy weird, it is so hot that most people in the favellas just walk around in their underwear, and there is / was a lot of pregnant girls who walk around like that as well, and it is pretty nasty. I think that is about it, just sleep, eat, study, walk, and work!

Elder Peterson