Jordan in Rio

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 23, 2012

This week was crazy. we had a baptism this week and the capella (font?) ran out of water by the time the water got to my knee level, so we had a baptism on our knees and it was an unforgetable experience! We also just had a good week, we marked some family nights.

The only thing I am missing now is food, because I haven't eaten much of anything today, because today was just crazy. We started by going to the stadium of my team I cheer for aka Vasco, and we had fun there and took some pictures. We went to Ramos a town, and played soccer with the kids on the street who do nothing but play soccer. We only had one good Brazilian on our team as well, but we beat them 15 to 14 and they got realy mad that they lost to some gringos. The best part was that the last goal was scored by me from the half court. it looked sweet and was kind of a big "in your face" for them all, ha ha ha. but that was about all we did today. but my comp and I really need to go and eat because we haven't all day. We just ate a salgado, which is the size of a mexican taco... but nothing alike, and tryed to drink alot. but didnt get enouth for the 100 deg heat. transfers are next week so I'll know whats happoning next email. Our ward said that they would marry us if we get stuck again for another transfer in the same ward, but its posible that I'll stay, cuz my comp already has 9 months in this area. That's about it for this week.

Elder Peterson