Jordan in Rio

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct 11-Encantado

(whoops Mom messed up and forgot to include this one first- so this is the oldest of the three I posted today-sorry)
lets see. over here in Rio something big just finished, Rock in Rio, it was way cool, there was some very big time bands there this year that would have been very cool to go see. In my aria on the last day Justin Bieber came and played at the soccer stadium and I walked past the 2 days he was playing during his concerts; the funny part is that when we usually pass by its a soccer game and there are big manly voices, but this time there was all 14 year old girls. so there was high pitch screams all over the place and whoever didn't bring ear plugs probably died from the sound.

Our ward is continuing to progress a lot. my comp and i had recently visited everybody on the ward list, we came to find out that the majority of inactives had moved and that lots of people were just in other wards now. So this week we showed that list to the ward Secretary and he was very happy and also said the activity rate of Encantado was about to be much higher. What my comp and I are putting in place will help this ward for generations. We had lunch this week with an unbaptized mom of a RM and after lunch we showed her a video of temples and she loved it and is going to start preparing to get baptized. Her son was sooo happy, and the bishop was happy about this as well and is going to help us make a goal with her this Thursday. such a great thing in this life!

Oct 24-Encantado

Hey this week was very normal. One cool thing that happened was we got DVD players to use, and all got to hear from our president, so that was nice. Good things always come when we do what he says. Its a very cool thing to watch happen. With thee dvd players we watch segments from this teaching program called the district which is a mission district somewhere in the states. The DVD filmed teaching of the missionaries and their investigators. What we are supposed to do is watch this film and see what areas we can use some help with in our own teaching-and we can use this during comp and personal study time in the morning. It is kind of a nice tool, I never thought it would do me any good, but the way president explained how to use it really helps us and its a very cool thing to have. I also understand we are about the get tablets instead of aria books to use, so that should be nice.

There really isn't to much more that has been going on. We had a crazy bus ride home the other night. Alot of favella people wanted to get on the bus and go to a soccer game but not pay the bus driver for the trip. Right before they broke out into a fight or killed the driver or what ever they were about to do to him-the cops came with these big guns and told them if they didnt pay they couldn't get on the bus. This story was almost on the news that night. but thats about it-or all I can think about at the moment. just teaching and all of that.

October 17-Encantado

this week was cool we are moving into summer. very different here. it just gets soo hot that it sucks up lots of water then the next day it rains and rains then its hot again. kind of weird... also we hit day light savings here. and things are very positive here, because I have been changing the way I look at a lot of things. and just changing these little things has made a very big difference in how I look at life.

This week has been good. We did baptize again, but also we have been having lots of spiritual experiences and being very blessed. To understand how we have been blessed, you have to see where we started at the beginning of our transfer. We made a goal and in this goal we wrote what we wanted, and how we would get it and how the Lord could help us with this goal. This week the seminary gave us a reference of a kid who just one day showed up and decided to go to church with out knowing anything about our church or even a friend in it. so we marked a day to visit him... turned out he lives on the same street as the church. and then my comp and I went to go visit his house and his parents were married(very rare thing in Brazil because it is about 400$ to marry) and they where inactive from another church and the mom had many questions about the missionaries and wanted to always know what our church is all about. that is a very elect and amazing situation. and all of this is because of how we have been keeping our part of the goal and also following our mission presidents vision the best we could. also I have been learning lots of things about the lessons we teach people and really looking into the why in everything. I have been finding out that everything in this life is about family. The more you study that the more you will learn. so that is just my thought for the week and hopefully my comp and i will have the opportunity to baptize this family in 2 or so weeks! also i was pondering the story of Enos in the BOM. everybody always thinks wow how could he have prayed all day. In my opinion he realized just how important and powerful his prayers really are, so with this new knowledge he decided to in depth pray for everybody and everything because he realized what his prayer would acutely do, and the power it actually had.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lemon Hay? (Lemon Grass?) Healthy drink

Jordan says this is a really good healthy drink and said it was lemon hay.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Letters Sept 26 and Oct 3

So transfers are today, and I am still here with the same comp and the same area. but its no big deal, because we have some great thoughts for this transfer and are going to put them into place and get results and help the ward to grow even more. it is so wonderful to read everything about what all is going on up there in the great white north! Thanksgiving is coming up and the next Holiday is my birthday and I will be 20. that is so weird to say, when I look back on my life I could never imagine saying im 20, because that would mean that I am an adult and have to make my own decisions. but I guess I have been doing that for quite some time now. things here are good. our zone pretty much stayed the same, besides 1 zone leader went to the ofice for his last transfer and one missionary got brought down to a junior and his comp left to go be senior in a different area.
Missionary work should be good this transfer. we have 2 brothers we will baptize this week or next, then we want to baptize her mom after. We found a full family as well with a mom dad and 7 year old son. they seem to just be really warm and friendly people and love the missionary's and we taught them Saturday for the first time, this family also has lots of family who live close by. and this could be a wonderful opportunity of bringing people to the gospel! General Conference is coming up as well and I am soo excited for it. because here as a missionary I have many opportunities to use the things the prophet is saying and apply that to everybody.
All together that is what is going on, and I hope this transfer goes as planned. I will keep all of you in my prayers, continue to tell me how things are going and I'll do what I can here in Brazil.

This week was cool. the first part of the week we decided we didn't have enough people to teach so we went looking. I like to get references, and my comp likes contacts. I decided to let him do contacts-as usual we got about nothing, which made me even more unimpressed with contacts then usual, but it makes my comp feel good being on his feet and waking all day so you can say that was cool if you like getting no where. Its not that I am mad or complaining... I just think its funny. and that is how we spent the first part of our week. the second part of the week was way cool. we did lots of stuff dealing with preparing for General Conference and that was soo amazing. I was enlightened by the talks and am very greatful for the experience I had. We were also able to have 6 investigators watching conference so that was good. I'll show you a picture of how the Americans ended up watching the whole conference in English, it is funny, but very nice at the same time because the room had AC and that was the first time in a long long time I had used AC. Also I met up with my old baptisms in Iraj√° it was way cool, they both have callings and one is getting married in January or February and I hope I can go to the wedding!

This week in my studies I studied the importance of priority's in life; this study brought me into deep reflection and I was able to prioritize my life... or at least for the moment. and I put all those priority's into goals. and then at General Conference, one of the 70 (speakers) talked about priority's as well and he talked about everything that I had just done but I took it a couple steps further with the goal making and all of that so that was very cool. That is how my week was and next week we should get a baptism so that should be good. My comp and I work good together because we are 2 very different people so we end up covering everything and things work out very smoothly because of our balance. I hope all is well up in the great white north!