Jordan in Rio

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jordans letter Feb 25, 2011

Hey Family,
I thought I would just send a little letter about this week and all the wonderful things that have happened. It is so easy to feel the spirit here, I love it, and it just makes me happy. One of the coolest things in my opinion is the MTC choir. We just work ona song for the Tuesday BYU devotional and it might even be on the BYU channel, so maybe you could record the devotional and see me on a weekly basis! Our whole district has the smae goal, and that is to obey all the rules, that that is what we are striving to do. On Sunday when I was going over my personal goals and reflecting about the past week I realized that I am following all the rules to the best of my knowledge, and the results have been that I am finally learning to invite the spirit when I teach lessons and things like that. On Thursday in the TRC we were practicing speaking Portugeuse and I did so well. I was having a good talk with a guy about families, it was very basic and I probably didn't conjugate some of the verbs correctly but I could tell that the guy got the message of what I was saying.

Today is the coolest day because it is P-day (preparation day) and also temple day. I woke up to six inches of snow and did my personal study and we went to the temple. We decided to eat at the temple cafeteria instead of the MTC regular one, because we heard that it had good food there. It was amazing, I had some amazing soup and amazing mash potatoes and gravy. I think we will do that every Friday now!

Dad you need to not shovel. That is not good that you hurt yourself again, I could have done that for you before I left if you would have asked or Allison and Megan could learn to do a little pine handle backhoe work! Mom you mentioned that you talked to Sister McCorkel and she works here-I will keep my eye out for her and hopefully run into her sometime.

Tell Little C (Ciara) and Lyska that I need their addresses to write back. I don't have time to do it on the computer so I need home addresses if anyone writes me. Tell Savannah to write at dear elder or by hand because I don't have time to type back.

I hope all is well at home, I always keep you in my prayers. I love you guys and am glad for the support. Have a wonderful day and see you in a little less than 2 years.. Keep writing and packages are fun too because there is so much mystery to them. Have a wonderful day-hope this letter makes it even better.

Your son, Elder Jordan Matthew Peterson

P.S. Jordan's Visa is coming through-he will be heading to Brazil in 1-3 weeks!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jordan's First Letter Home

I have missed all of you, and thanks Mom for the letter, I have a very short amount of time to write, so I will be fast. The MTC is such a good place and the spirit of the Lord is strong here. I am so grateful for this experience! Tell Allison that I am sorry I missed her birthday, but I did remember it. I don't understand how a missionary here in the MTC could not enjoy the work we do here; they probably were not wanting to learn. It has only been three days and I have learned so much about Portuguese! For example; I have learned how to pray, and I have learned to share my testimony, and I have learned much about grammar and such. From the first day our 2 teachers, Brother Oakozaki and Brother Brugh have only taught us in Portuguese. It is amazing how much I can catch on to when I don't even speak the language, by just paying attention. Here in the MTC it seems that we really live the law of consecration. I mean, we all pay the same amount for our missions and it all goes into a big melting pot so that missionaries who go to poor countries pay the same amount each month as those who go to really expensive countries to serve.

It seems that all we are doing is just learning. My mind feels like a sponge at the moment. My daily schedule goes something like this. I spend 1 hour a day doing personal study, and then I spend an hour with my companion studying, then I spend an hour studying Portuguese. Then I spend more hours with teachers as well, learning Portuguese. It is Saturday and my companion is going to get here sometime today, I am excited for that. I have been a tag along elder with two other elders from Washington, who are both going to Rio as well. It will be nice to have my own companion! We also have a sister in our group. She is a solo sister too, she doesn't have a companion, her name is Sister Black, she is a fun addition to the crew and lightens up our day.

Please keep me posted with how life is going. Writing to me on Dear Elder or hand written letters are the best because I only have a limited time to use the computer. I would rather not read my letters at that time, because I need it to write them.

If you can please send me a black or grey sweater with long sleeves. It is very cold here. I am so glad for the things that you have taught me, and I am forever grateful for the life experiences you all have given me. I am almost out of time now, please post my address of FB and have people write me, I am always open to letters. Love your son, Elder Jordan Peterson

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jordan is in the MTC-mission address

Well, it has finally happened. Jordan is at the MTC-(which stands for Missionary Training Center). Originally he was to report directly to the training center in Brazil but there has been a visa delay with his whole group-so last week they moved his destination to the Provo MTC. We will be notified when he is to move to Brazil-after his paperwork clears. He flew to Utah on Tuesday and Grandma Peterson picked him up at the airport. Uncle David and Aunt Tanja and Savannah took him to Cafe Rio for dinner and they had their last epic tapioca pudding night-until he returns. He reported in for duty Weds February 9th at noon. I called this morning to get his address. Here it is:

Elder Jordan Peterson
MTC Box 286-0411
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-0411

Another option is writing letters through To do this you go to the website and sign up for an account with your email address. Mail is delivered to the MTC for free on a daily basis. You will need his box number from above. They will also deliver mail to Brazil for .98 cents. This is just one option.

On a personal note-as his mother I am really excited for him. This will be a great learning and growing experience. It really doesn't seem so long ago that I was doing this myself! Times goes quickly. Onward and upward!