Jordan in Rio

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dec 19

So I am still enchanted with the same companion and the same house. Last week we named the house the hole. It's not dumpy it is just like a black hole and it sucks everything in. I decided to keep sane by following Dads example and always doing something when I am home. So now in our house whenever I have an hour or so of free time I clean something. That is the best way I can manage my time and stay the happiest, it also helps me understand why dad is always wanting to work. Ha ha. My life has had a huge theme on doing things and acting on things ever since David Bednar came here and spoke to us.
Yesterday the bishop of our ward talked to the people about being idle, and he also told them if they wanted a better year that they would have to change something they were doing or fix it. It was a wonderful talk for me and I felt like it was an answer to some of my prayers.
We have also been having crazy weather;one minute it is 100 degrees and the next the humidity it starts raining and the humidity is so high it feels like you are swimming in the air because it is so thick. I should have some pictures of the rain to send when I bring my camera and cable.